Thursday, 13 August 2009

‘Error Code: 500 Internal Server Error. An internal error occurred. (1359)’ Error when Using ISA Server 2006 Web Farm Publishing

On a very similar theme to my last blog entry, this is another cryptic error I have seen quite a few times when using Web Farm publishing solutions. An example screenshot of the error is shown below:

Web Farm Unavailable

In my experience, this error is generated when a publishing rule is configured to use server farm publishing and all farm members are unavailable or unreachable.

If you look at the ISA Server alerts whilst receiving this error, you should notice a corresponding alert titled Web Farm Servers Unavailable with a description of: A Web publishing rule stopped forwarding requests to a Web farm because there are currently no servers in the Web farm that can accept requests.

So, easy when you correlate the browser error with the ISA alert, but again, not the most useful or informative error message for a user to receive…

Please Note: This error will only be shown after authentication; assuming you are following good security practices and pre-authenticating users at the ISA Server level, of course ;)

I hope this was useful…


  1. In IE9 i've used "Tool for developers" -> Script's tab -> Start Debug and suddenly it solved my issue.